Can We Really Help? Testimonials

Vicki presented to our diverse group of 20+ health and safety instructors ranging in experience from beginner to master. There was something for everyone to learn! Her presentation design teachings were adapted perfectly to our needs and 100% of the room left saying that it was exactly what they needed at this stage in their career. I would not hesitate to recommend Vicky for future events. We will certainly be asking her to return.

Scott L.
Project Manager

Your Message Design seminar was fantastic. It was very interesting and extremely informative. This process will greatly improve our future communication and presentations. Our team agrees that the whole company should learn this stuff! Thanks Vicki.

Amanda K.
Director of Innovation

As a Communications Lead with an HR degree, I was shocked that I never learned any of this information in my program. There is so much to know! I especially loved the neuroscience focus and the practical exercises. We look forward to having you back in March!

Eiren P.
Communications Manager

Vicki Goodfellow Duke is a phenomenal trainer. She was the highlight of the conference!

Terry W.
Senior Engineer

I went from being a below-average public speaker to a confident speaker after just two sessions with Vicki. She has a wealth of knowledge, and an eye for detail. This lady is really, really good at what she does.

Matt B.
Senior Wealth Management Officer

Peter's class was great. It's insight that helps day-to-day sales, and is now a permanent course for all our trainers in North America.

Craig M.
National Sales Manager

Best course I have ever taken. Thanks Peter!!

Lori K.

Vicki Goodfellow Duke is our "go-to consultant" for anything to do with training and presentations. She has, without question, added immense value to our company. We would highly recommend her work.

Jay W.
Director of Operations

The best 300 bucks I ever spent.

Ron A.
Team Lead, Finance

Our team has come a long way under your guidance, Vicky. Our gratitude and kindest regards.

Suriyana N.
Team Lead

I have had the pleasure of working with Peter on several occasions in the past few years. Peter is a consummate professional, and is always organized and welcoming. He is a true entrepreneur and is able to think outside the box to make ideas happen. He is a great think tank, personable, and motivates all those who have the opportunity to work with him. I highly recommend him.

Cindy C.

Peter has the rare ability to put those around him at ease while also inspiring them and ensuring maximum output. ......Peter is generous, flexible and patient - all of which contribute to his excellence in teaching.

Marisa M.
Engineer amazing with people!

Amy L.

I started out a nervous wreck at public speaking. I would constantly make excuses not to give any kind of presentations at work, and it was holding me back. I met Vicki after hearing about her from a colleague, and I have never looked back. I now welcome any opportunity to give a speech, have made a bit of a name for myself as a speaker, and have even been invited to speak coast to coast! Vicki also coached my young daughter and was wonderful with her as well. She is a charismatic and lovely individual and it has truly been a blessing to have had the opportunity to work with Vicki.

Scott W.